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As your birth doula I provide individualized, compassionate care and support from the first time we talk through and beyond your last post partum visit. I have a strong conviction in supporting not only the woman in labor but the partner as well! I personally feel that by empowering your spouse this helps create a strong bond throughout labor and birth that carries over through those tough post partum days. 

I'm passionate about listening to your needs and helping you achieve those. I'm passionate about baby positioning but also letting your body find its own way. I'm passionate about nourishing your intuition to trust your body and baby to know the way. I'm passionate about how you feel, are made to feel and protecting your birth preferences and space. 

Image: Foothills Midwifery

So whats included?

Before Birth

1-2 Prenatal Visits

Text | Phone Support

On Call at 37 weeks

Labor & Delivery

Physical, Emotional &

Informational Support

Birth Photography*

Stay 2 Hours Post Partum

Post Partum

1-2 Post Partum Visits

Text | Phone Support for the weeks following delivery

Bonus Services

Discounted Services:

Birth Photography

Birth Videography

Placenta Encapsulation

Lifestyle Newborn Photos


Image: Foothills Midwifery


Image: Foothills Midwifery


Image: Foothills Midwifery


Image: Foothills Midwifery


Image: Foothills Midwifery


Image: Foothills Midwifery

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Images Provided by: Foothills Midwifery

Image: Foothills Midwifery

What clients are saying...

"Bree is the absolute best. Not only does she really know her stuff, but she is one of those people who you instantly want to be friends with. Her energy is so positive and laid back and she is truly a joy to be around. There was never a visit void of a few good laughs!"


“From our initial consult with Bree her birthing knowledge was so evident she has such a grace and wisdom to offer to bring reassurance to a first time mom like myself"."You really can’t put a price tag on the support, care and expertise that Bree provides. My labor was a rough go at times but she never wavered in support she also encouraged my husband on ways to help calm me and best support me throughout labor and into delivery."


"My birth was long and she stood by me for a whole 24 hrs supporting me AND making sure my husband was taken care of and processing everything alright. She took amazing photos of everything as well. Her support continued postpartum checking on me regularly. She was a huge reason I had a successful VBAC. I can not recommend her enough!"



Image: Foothills Midwifery

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