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Anyone that knows me knows that I love to laugh, LOVE birth, love my family and knows that I'm weird and I know it and don't mind it LOL! Well maybe I do mind it but everyone thinks its endearing. SO with that in mind I figure I'll just explain me and who I am in quick bullet points. Easy. Peasy. 

My name is tree, not like the cheese......its comes up alot lol. I'm a mom of 5 lovable, adorable, crazy-monster, fun loving children! The favorite child of the household is the 4th....thats Hazel. My oldest son is SO much like me (thats Virgos for ya) Fun fact my first child I went into labor ON my birthday and he was born the next day. My 2nd born is the truest form of a mommas boy there ever was. He may look like an angel but watch out for this one. He's had more runs ins with the er department than I can even count (insert rolling my eyes). My first daughter, my 3rd born, is strong and accretive, stunning and connected to my hip,. She's my mini me! Oh and she'll want to make sure I told you she loves horses. (more eye rolling) Our 4th, the favorite, has the best head of hair and it perfectly matches her personality! She refers to herself in the 3rd person and its my absolute favorite thing. Then we have our last sweet, little pea. Our 5th is the easiest baby there ever was, so lovable, cuddly and sweater than the sweetest pie! We all just adore her!

We home school most of our kids. Love to laugh, learn and spend time together! Births are my favorite "mom break" from my family. While I love them...this momma needs to GET AWAY sometimes. 

My husband is the love of my life and I admit it every week that he's the better spouse. How he puts up with me and my crazy ideas is still unknown. But everyday I love him more. (ok, i'll stop with the gushy stuff)

I'm pro empowerment and love knowledge and all things birth! Whether your birthing in a hospital, pool, farm, operating room I'm there for you without a bias. Support, empowerment, love, kindness and understanding are all I hold for you and your family. Let me help you have the best, empowered, loving birth experience that you can...and I'll document it the entire way!


“From our initial consult with Bree her birthing knowledge was so evident she has such a grace and wisdom to offer to bring reassurance to a first time mom like myself. She welcomed all my questions and made me feel empowered as a woman that my body was made to bring life into this world and she was a pillar of support in the weeks leading up to my labor throughout delivery. You really can’t put a price tag on the support, care and expertise that Bree provides. My labor was a rough go at times but she never wavered in support she also encouraged my husband on ways to help calm me and best support me throughout labor and into delivery. This is something that Bree advocates for and its such an important element to include your person in the birthing experience so they don’t feel isolated postpartum. It’s really made a huge difference in my recovery with baby and my relationship with my spouse. Bree makes sure leading up to birth that as parents we were aware of the different interventions and aides offered to us, I felt like I was educated on what my options may be and confident in my birth-plan due to the education Bree provides. Once I was in labor Bree advocated for our growing family specifically for the baby and I and helped us work towards a natural birth which is what I wanted. She worked with the medical staff effortlessly and helped me in positioning and natural remedy’s for pain management such a massage, baths and other birthing equipment. Looking back my experience was nothing but positive in birth and delivery and Bree helped make that possible. She is the sweetest woman and her knowledge is unparalleled. She’s the best doula you’ll ever find. Book her for your birth you won’t be disappointed! I know if we decide to have another baby I couldn’t imagine not have Bree on my birthing team. She’s an gem and I’m so thankful for who she is and the experience and knowledge she provides. “

"Bree took the time to get to know me and my family before my birth. She made sure that I was thoroughly educated about all the possible things that could present during birth. My birth was long and she stood by me for a whole 24 hrs supporting me AND making sure my husband was taken care of and processing everything alright. She took amazing photos of everything as well. Her support continued postpartum checking on me regularly. She was a huge reason I had a successful VBAC. I can not recommend her enough!"


"I recently had my last baby (first home birth), with Bree as my doula. 
I am incredibly thankful that she was there as our support! She helped me through my contractions and delivery, made sure I was drinking lots of water, and she literally fed me dinner after my baby was born. With Bree in attendance, my husband was able to rush around and get things done around the house, coordinate with my family to pick up our older kids, and make sure our wood stove stayed nice and hot (our baby was born during the most recent snow storm!)

If I were ever going to have another baby, I would hire Bree. I highly recommend her to any of my friends who are expecting, whether they’ll be having a home birth or a hospital birth."


"Bree is amazing! I hired her as my videographer and she ended up being like a second doula. She gave me the push I needed towards the end of my birth. I could not have done it without her. I am so excited to see the video because I know it will be beautiful. I want Bree at all my future births!❤️❤️❤️"


"I can’t say enough good things about Bree! She did my sons birth video and it completely exceeded my expectations! The video captured each moment of his birth in the most beautiful and elegant way. I hardly noticed her filming during the birth, she was quiet and subtle, but she stepped in and helped me through contractions when I needed her encouragement or her comfort. I’m so grateful we hired Bree, not only for the amazing video that I will treasure forever, but also for her continued support in the weeks leading up to labor, during birth, and in the days postpartum. Thank you Bree!"


"Bree is the absolute best. Not only does she really know her stuff, but she is one of those people who you instantly want to be friends with. Her energy is so positive and laid back and she is truly a joy to be around. There was never a visit void of a few good laughs! We hired Bree primarily as our photographer and she completely blew us away. Every shot felt ‘magazine worthy’ and completely took our breaths away. She really captured our story perfectly and looking back through our photos feels like reliving that amazing day. It’s remarkable to look at these perfectly framed and composed shots, and to realize that these were mere seconds. How she is able to capture moments so quickly and so beautifully just goes to show just how good she is at what she does. I cannot recommend her enough!!! Whether you hire her as your photographer, videographer, birth doula or postpartum doula you will not be so very glad you did. She is an all around wonderful person who will make your experience even that much greater. ❤️"


"Bree is AMAZING.

She captured the videography for my 6th birth, and I couldn't be any happier than I am with the art that she produced for me. She really captured the entire experience and made it so much more beautiful than I could've ever imagined.

There was never a moment where I felt her presence was intrusive (I honestly didn't even know she got the shots that she did!) and she was so much fun to have around after the birth.

If you're looking for someone to take picture or video for your birth - STOP. You've found her."


"I had Bree encapsulate my placenta and I am so grateful I did! She was wonderful and knowledgeable and the results were amazing. I struggled with postpartum in my first pregnancy and wanted to do everything possible to avoid it this time around. I began taking my capsules and within just a couple days I started feeling better. My mood shifted, and my milk supply increased. At first I took the max recommended dose until I started feeling better and then I was able to back off to 2 a day. I am forever grateful for your help and advice and I highly recommend placenta encapsulation for anyone on the fence! Worth it!"


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